5 Steps to Fall in Love With Your Clothes & Closet

5 Steps to Fall in Love with Your Clothes & Closet



 Step 1: De-Clutter

As we transition into a new season, you should most definitely put away huge winter coats, heavy snow boots, hot sweaters, and holiday-wear out of sight.  These items should be at the end of the closet, in a storage closet, or in storage bins that you can keep fresh for later.  If these items are front and center in your closet, they will add stress and confusion when you are trying to figure out what you need to wear in the morning.  Also, there are several items that you need to just give away as a donation. Go get a box, trash bag, or suitcase and start throwing in items that you know you haven’t worn in a while.  A good question should be:  In this past season, did I wear this item?  Do I genuinely foresee myself wearing this next season?  If the answers were "no" to both of these questions, it’s time to say goodbye.  Because the space in your closet is prime real estate, and you don’t need items that are just there to make you feel like you have clothes, when in reality, you hate that particular item --- so, toss it!  Once, you do a good job de-cluttering, you will begin to feel lighter, more fresh, and more zen.


Step 2:  Take Care of your Clothes


Some of us buy clothes, and depending on where you buy these clothes, you may respect it and treat it nicely, or you may be mean to it and stuff it in a drawer, for it to never be seen again.  What do I mean by this or where am I going with this?    For the most part, unless it’s REALLY cheap quality, if you take care of the clothes you buy, you will get more use out of it, and you will be surprised, but an affordable purchase may outlast a comparable piece that you spent 200 dollars.  It all depends on how you take care of your clothes.  For example, try to do your best to follow the instructions on the tag.  If the top, blouse, or pants tell you that you can only use cold water or dry clean only, then you must follow those instructions.  Ok, well Kayra, what if my clothes don’t have a tag with instructions?   Fine, I got you!  If you are worried about a particular clothing item, you want to run it on gentle cycle, combining it with a few like items, and use cold water.  Then, you may want to let it air dry, because it may be a top that when you throw it into the dryer, it will shrink up and disappear.  If you have the funds, the easiest thing to do is to just send those bad boys to the dry cleaners and have them take care of it.  Again, take care of your clothes, and you will see a huge return on your investment. 


Step 3: Invest in Hangers


If you have the space, hang as many items as possible.  This allows you to visually see the variety of clothes that you have.  If you don’t have a huge closet, you want to hang all of the items that you love wearing.  And you may want to hang certain items that you have a tendency of buying over and over again.  For example, black tights...I have at least 10 or more tights, so it may serve me to throw several of my highest quality tights on a hanger to remind me that I have plenty, and I don’t need to buy another one!  Also, purchase hangers with the clips, which allow you to hang skirts and pants.  Many people fold their jeans and put them in a dresser or stack them on a shelf.  Again, when you have all of your skirts, pants, and shorts on hangers, you will begin to realize that you have lots of clothes, options, and your creativity will begin to ooze out of you as you see all of these items hung.


Step 4: Organize By Color, By Clothing type, and/or By weather




It doesn’t matter if you have plenty of clothes or a little, but it’s really important to organize your clothes in a way that can support clarity of thought when you are rushing in the morning and you need to pick something to wear.  How many times have you ran in your closet, you only have a limited amount of time to select something, and you become frustrated because you don’t know where anything is.  And that is why organization is so important.  You have to figure out a system for you.  But when I had a small closet and very little storage space, I still tried to hang things as much as possible, but I had to lean on clear plastic organizers to supplement my organization.    I would label them: t-shirts, sweatshirts, active wear, and sleepwear, etc.



Step 5:  Add High-Impact Items
At this point, you have de-cluttered, spent some time and possibly money to spruce up your clothes, and organized it for visual appeal.   Well, now that you have done all of this work, you may realize that you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe because you actually have a lot of fabulous clothes in your closet.    As you transition into this new season you want to purchase high-impact items.   You want to invest in a new shoe that you absolutely love, that is versatile, and that can be worn with several items.  You may want to invest in a few trendy items from this season that you can wear in a number of different ways.  For example, a pair of jeans that look like 2018, hahaha.  Or a light trench coat with a vibrant color or pattern that can add the perfect pop and chicness to your outfit.  Again, now that you have organized your closet and have re-fallen in love with your clothes, you are now more clear on what you should buy and what you need to buy, to add the amount of necessary zing to your wardrobe. 

I hope these 5 steps to refresh your closet served you in some way. 

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